What do the butterflies do?

What do the butterflies do?

What do you do when you’ve either reached all your goals or they’ve become unattainable. What do the butterflies do when they reach their destination in their yearly migration? They’ve reached their destination. Their goal.

Yes, I know I tell my students nothing is impossible. But I guess I lie to them. Because some things actually are. So. What do you do when you have to set new goals for your life???and you are middle-aged. I currently find myself in this situation. There are several options for me to pursue. Now I have to ponder and pray and consider which I want to go after. For the first time in 28 years, I’m teaching something (well, several different something’s) totally different. I’ve always been in core areas. Now, I’m more in the career technology area. I love it. It’s been stressful-because I’m not confident in what I’m doing. But it has been a fun, challenging, and growing experience. I’m finally getting sort if settled in it. So there’s one option. Continue what I’m doing and get this going strong. My family lives 5-8 hours away from me. And has for the past 20 years. I’ve missed so much time not sharing with them. So. There’s another choice. Move to a new place. No telling what I’d be doing.  Then there’s my photography.  I love that and want to pursue that more. But doing what I’m doing now, I’ve got little time for it. Several options. Then there’s he goal I shut down-having a family. I’m almost 50 so that’s pretty much become the unattainable one. Do I even want to keep that alive? Or just write it off completely? At my age, the thought comes-do I even WANT the complications that come with a relationship? I’m so tired most of the time me from work, the thought of having someone to come home to isn’t exactly appealing. I’ve done a lot of pondering on this. I feel in limbo without any real goal set for my life. So what do you do when you meet all the goals you’ve set? Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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