Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Lone Butterfly



Just some random thoughts about butterflies and relationships. Have you seen the migration of the Monarchs? They travel in bunches and it's amazing to see. They share branches in trees and bushes with each other … I like to think they do it for companionship. So they aren't alone. But have you also seen the lone butterfly? Without companions? Seeing this made me wonder. Are butterflies as fickle as humans? As dramatic? I'm the type of person, you know if I like you or not….you know if I consider you a friend. It's hard for me to hide that….and really, if I could, I wouldn't want to. How fake can we be? Be real. Be honest. I am a people watcher. And what I see makes me wonder about the human race sometimes. Where do we learn to be fake? Where did we learn to care more what people think about us than how we make people feel? I have a grand imagination. I can just imagine….a single butterfly on a branch, resting. One of his buddies comes along and takes a break with him….until….a butterfly that doesn't care for him comes along. When his buddy sees this one flying in on the horizon, he turns his back.  Maybe even leaves like he had never been there. All because he cared more about what the new butterfly thought of him than he did about how doing this makes the lone butterfly feel. Once the other is gone, he flies back to the branch, wanting to rest and visit. I wonder, are the butterflies as fake and fickle as some humans can be?

We humans are as fragile as butterflies in some ways. Our egos. Our self-esteem. We don't need the 'fickle pickles' making us feel less than another or unworthy. A lot of times, we do a good job of telling ourselves those things…without the help of others. And, really, that's all the fake butterfly is doing. Saying, "Hey, this other butterly is more important than you. They don't care for you so excuse me while I run to them like I was never here. I'll be back. When they aren't around, I'll come back to your branch ."

I am like the lone butterfly. Everyone is as important as everyone else. If you leave my branch because you don't want someone else to see you with me, don't expect to be invited or welcomed back to it. Not to be mean, but I don't need another making me feel less worthy than someone else. Hopefully the lone butterfly can find a few honest ones to share a branch with. But if not….being a lone butterfly and feeling good about where you are going is always better than one who has no direction and depends on others to get his self-worth. That ego is as fake as the butterfly that makes you feel it.