Aggie '84

Aggie ’84

I am currently a high school teacher. I have been teaching for over 25 years have have taught everything from pre-k to seniors. Most of that has been in the field of English Language Arts and Reading. I love to read and write. When I’m not working on school stuff, I like to relax with photography or arts and crafts. There isn’t one specific crafting on my list of favorites. Pretty much anything that allows me to create, I like to do or have tried. I also have begun to notice how many chemicals we use in our lives-from cleaning products to personal care items to medications. I’m on a mission to gradually live a better, cleaner, healthier life through essential oils. I chose Young Living Essential Oils because of our Seed to Seal creation process. The seeds we use come from come from the best of the plants in our own fields. And, although I haven’t yet, we can even visit the farms and see the process as well as take part in it.

I created this blog mainly for myself, but if you have stopped by and enjoy it, thank you! If you gain  insite from something here, even better.


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